Tuesday Afternoon Seminar by Prof. John Elmerdahl Olsen

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017 - 2:00pm
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This is to invite you for a Tuesday Afternoon Seminar by Prof. John Elmerdahl Olsen at 2pm in COVAB Conference Hall

Presentation: Identification of novel targets to re-sensitize multidrug resistant bacteria to current antimicrobials

By John Elmerdahl Olsen
Professor, DVM, PhD, Dr.Vet.Sci.
University of Copenhagen

John Elmerdahl Olsen is a Professor of Veterinary Microbiology. He obtained his DVM in 1982. He did his PhD in Salmonella detection by molecular methods and later he produced a doctor of science thesis based on studies of Salmonella biology. He has worked with bacterial zoonoses since 1982, including antimicrobial resistant bacteria. He is the author of 200 peer-reviewed articles. He is currently participating in the FP6 project BIOTRACER, where he is responsible for the Salmonella stress adaptation studies, and where he develop DNA-array methods to detect milk relevant bacteria.

 He is a collaborator in the Project for Training for a new generation of antibacterial drug discovery scientists implemented through a unique training experience combining both academic and industrial work experience. The focus of the training programme is not limited to the discovery of new antibacterial drugs but is extended to the:

  • Discovery of “non-antibiotic helper drugs” able to enhance the antimicrobial activity of existing drugs or to reduce their negative effects on the commensal flora.
  • Definition of “rational treatment regimens” aimed to improve the pharmacological performance and the clinical efficacy of existing drugs while minimizing the development of resistance in the gut microflora.
  • Development of “veterinary antibacterial solutions” characterized by targeted spectrum and minimal cross-resistance to important human antibacterial drugs.


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COVAB Conference Room
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College of Veterinary Medicine, animal resources and bio-security
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