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Makerere@100: Celebrating Wangusa@80, 8th July 2022, 1:30 to 6:00PM EAT, Yusuf Lule Central Teaching Facility Auditorium (Fmr CTF2), Makerere University and on ZOOM.



Event Details

The Department of Literature, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS), where Prof. Timothy Wangusa taught for over 30 years, has organized an event in his honour to celebrate his 80th birthday in style.

Date and Time: Friday 8th July 2022, from 1:30 to 6:00pm EAT.


Keynote Speaker: Mwalimu Austin Bukenya

Session Chair: Prof. Abasi Kiyimba



  • Prof. Arthur Gakwandi
  • Dr. Ernest Okello Ogwang
  • Mr. Deusdedit Kansiime
  • Mr. James Amatre
  • Ms. Elizabeth Kharono

Moderator: Dr. Susan Kiguli


The celebration is in recognition of the importance of Professor Wangusa’s service to Makerere and his outstanding contribution to Uganda, East Africa and to Africa’s literary history.

In addition, at the event, Mwambu's Cradle Publishers will launch four books by Prof. Timothy Wangusa as follows:

  1. 'Lost in Wonder' (Autobiography)
  2. 'Niyaanga Nelaliila'(Autobiography in Lumasaaba)
  3. 'I Love you, You Beast'(Spoken Reflections on Faith and Literature
    1969 -2009)
  4. 'Pathfinders' Footprints’ (Makerere University's first PhD, 1975)

Copies of the four books will be available at the event at UGX 50,000 each.


Zoom Link:


Why the Wangusa@80 Celebration?

Wangusa was the first PhD Graduate in the Department of Literature after Makerere became an independent University in 1970. He graduated in 1975.

Timothy Wangusa is a seminal writer in Makerere University and Uganda’s history. He is widely celebrated beyond Uganda’s borders. Wangusa is a distinguished alumnus of Makerere University. Wangusa is a pivotal figure in the life of the Department of Literature and Makerere University where he served selflessly from 1969-2001. He is one of the professors who never went into exile during Uganda’s turbulent years. He is therefore, one of the rare figures that intimately knows Makerere’s history in both good and turbulent times.

Wangusa is a household name on Uganda’s literary scene. His works are part of the different curricula over the years for both secondary schools and university programs. It is therefore fitting that as Makerere University celebrates 100 years of existence, we also celebrate 80 sterling years of one of her iconic sons, who not only has contributed to the life of the university as an academic, but also a practitioner of the literary and creative arts in
Uganda and beyond.

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Event Poster

Keynote Speaker


Event Venue

Yusuf Lule Central Teaching Facility Auditorium (Fmr CTF2), Makerere University and Online.