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An Aerial View of CEDAT Old and New Buildings and Kikoni area as shot by a drone hovering above the Department of Physics, College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS), Makerere University, Kampala Uganda in August 2019.



Event Details

The Department of Architecture and Physical Planning, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) will hold a sensitization event for selected local masons/builders (Fundis) from Kampala City.


Date and Time: Thursday 10th to Friday 11th February 2022, starting 9:00AM EAT


The event, the first of its kind is aimed at sharing the accumulated scientific knowledge and skills at CEDAT with the masons/builders/Fundis in order to enhance their skills in modern building design and construction technologies.

Some of the intended outputs of the training include increased understanding of the mason’s skills, knowledge and innovation in building construction in order to enable them learn and relearn new, relevant and innovative methods, techniques and skills while unlearning irrelevant methods and practices.

The engagement is expected to help improve the Fundis’ understanding of professional building codes and regulations and how they can operate within the current construction legal framework and regime as well as contribute towards formalizing the informal construction industry and the informal settlements in Kampala and other cities.

It will also provide a learning avenue for students who will learn from the Fundis and will help reduce the existing gap between the training institutions, local communities including government and the business sector in Uganda. It is expected that a critical mass of change agents and leaders in housing construction and design based on the local conditions and realities will be created following the training.

Contact Information

Event Venue

Conference Hall, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT), Makerere University.