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The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe addresses delegates during the the First National Oil and Gas Symposium held 2nd July 2020, CTF2 Auditorium, Makerere University.



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On 11th April 2021, H.E the President of Uganda and H.E the president of Tanzania presided over the signing of the key commercial agreements for the oil & gas production in Uganda, and the transportation of crude oil through the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) to the international markets via the Indian Ocean port of Tanga in Tanzania. These commercial agreements included: i) The Host Government Agreement ii) The Tariff & Transportation Agreement iii) The Shareholders Agreement iv) The Joint Operating Agreements It is expected that mobilization activities by the contractors will now proceed at full throttle, and that physical construction activities in the field will be underway during the first quarter of 2022. These developments warrant an increased amount of enthusiasm and optimism about the prospects of Ugandans and Ugandan businesses that have long prepared for the construction and development phase of the oil and gas project. It is against this background that Operation Wealth Creation and Makerere University through its College of Business and Management Sciences have organized the 2021 edition of the annual symposium on the prospects of the Oil and Gas industry in Uganda. It should be recalled that at the time of the last symposium (July 2020), the country was grappling with delays in the Final Investment Decision (FID) and the exit of Tullow Oil from Uganda. The symposium will give a platform to political leaders, government technocrats, academia, civil society actors and members of the public to share perspectives on the construction phase of the industry and chart a roadmap for maximizing the benefits to Uganda.

2. Thematic areas The symposium will run under the theme “National Content and Sustainability of Uganda’s Oil and Gas Sector”, with the following sub-themes:

  1. Recent developments, next steps & overview of State & National Participation in Uganda’s Oil industry.
  2. Status of the Implementation of Uganda’s Legal & Regulatory Framework on National Content in Oil & Gas.
  3. Industry Standards for Oil & Gas Contracts and Capacity Building Initiatives – Where do we stand?
  4. Capacity Gaps in Uganda’s Oil and Gas industry, from a planning perspective & Lessons learnt from other jurisdictions.

3. Date and venue The dialogue will be held on Thursday 2nd December 2021 at the Main Auditorium of the Central Teaching Facility II, Makerere University starting at 8.00 A.M to 3:00 PM

4. Participants Physical participation will be limited to a maximum of 200 persons. The University has a 1500-seater auditorium which can comfortably host 200 participants in line with the SOPs of the Ministry of Health. Participants will be drawn from the academia, government, parliament, civil society, oil producing regions and the media.

5. Symposium Sponsors a) Operation Wealth Creation b) Makerere University c) Uganda Development Forum 6 Expected outputs and outcomes i) A harmonized appreciation of the task and opportunities that lie ahead in the oil and gas sector among Government, Industry, Civil Society, and Academia. ii) Deepening of collaboration among Government, Industry, Civil Society, and Academia on oil and gas sector issues.

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Event Venue

Central Teaching Facility II - Makerere University.
Also Live on NBS, and Online Platforms