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Dr. Sarah N. Ssali, Associate Professor and Dean, School of Women and Gender Studies, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.



Event Details

The School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden in Uganda has organized a Gender Identity Week ahead of the 2020 International Women’s Day to celebrate achievements in the area of women and gender studies.

The Gender Identity Week aims at facilitating dialogue among University staff, students, development partners, practitioners, the media and other stakeholders on topical issues related to gender and development. Presentations and dialogues are aligned to the theme of the International Women’s Day celebrations;

“I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”.

Past discussions have focused to topics such as positive femininities and masculinities, social-economic transformation, gender and the commoditization of the female body, empowering cultural aspects of Ugandan/African gender relations, University’s role in promoting gender and equity in society and the women’s journey (2000-2017) – achievements, opportunities and challenges.


  1. Different Shades of Empowerment in Uganda: The role of Traditional Ugandan Femininities in Empowering Women” – Empowering Women through a cultural approach; and Empowering Women from a Religions perspective
  2. Women in Leadership in Higher Institutions of Learning
  3. Strategies of Ending Sexual Harassment in Institutions of Higher Learning
  4. Students’ Experiences of University Environment: Femininities and Masculinities
  5. Gender Spaces -Feminist Spaces: Gender in Geography in a Global Context
  6. Visual Arts – Performing Gender by the Head Department of Performing Arts and Film
  7. “WIKI Loves Women” – Writing Ugandan Women

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You are all invited to participate in the activities.

Contact Information

Sarah N. Ssali, PhD,
Assoc. Prof and DEAN,
School of Women and Gender Studies,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Makerere University.
Email: sssali[at]

Event Venue

The Auditorium, Central Teaching Facility 2 (CTF 2), Pool Road, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.