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Students in Clinical Coats. 1st Annual Makerere University College of Health Sciences Students - Alumni Convention



Event Details

Makerere University College of Health Sciences Students Association (MAKCHSA) is the general students’ body for all the college students both undergraduate and graduate, doing medicine and surgery, Pharmacy, Optometry, Radiology, Dental Surgery, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Cytotechnology, speech and language therapy, environmental sciences and post graduate programs. MAKCHSA is organizing the first-ever college open day and alumni convention.

Theme: Promoting undergraduate research and innovations and integrating technology in health service delivery

Date and Venue: 1st November, 2019

The event has been organized to include a number of events namely; an alumni convention, initiation of alumni association, wall of fame for the life time achievement awards and historical medicine, formation of an alumni office that will be overseen by the College President, innovations challenge and incubation, exhibitions, networking among other activities.

The sole purpose and objective to create unity and connections as well as promoting innovations in the undergraduate students.

Event Venue

Deans Gardens, College of Health sciences, Makerere University, Mulago Campus, Kampala Uganda